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The Face of Battle
The Face of Battle is a set of miniatures rules for conducting World War 2 skirmish battles. The rules cover all aspects of WW2 skirmish miniatures gaming, from infantry to tanks, raw to elite soldiers, weather, events, equipment and more. Each figure on the table represents one soldier or one tank. The Face of Battle is designed to be played with 15mm to 28mm scale figures. A player may typically control between 10 to 30 soldiers and 3 to 7 vehicles. The players command their forces with numerous combat, tactical and game options, utilizing skill rather than blind chance. Like soldiers on the battlefield, players make decisions under pressure.
Main Rules
The Face of Battle The Face of Battle WW2 Skirmish Rules
The Face of Battle VC: Commonwealth Expansion
The Face of Battle All American: United States Expansion
Scenario Books
The Face of Battle Act With Daring: France 1940 Scenario Book

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