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Retailer Information
Welcome to the trade customers' area of the site. This area is intended for all Gammazon's business partners: book stores, hobby stores, wholesalers and others.
Catalogue and production information sheets.
General Product Information
9200: The Face of Battle Product Sheet
9401: The Face of Battle, VC Commonwealth Expansion Product Sheet
9402: The Face of Battle, All American United States Expansion Product Sheet
7300: The Face of Modern Battle Product Sheet
16601: The Hill Battles, Khe Sanh, 1967 Scenario Book
Book Advertising
Gammazon is now accepting advertising space in our products. If you are a figure manufacturer, terrain maker, retail or wholesale merchant, please contact us for advertising rates. Call 613.327.0707 or contact our sales office:
Gammazon 2005 Advertising Rates
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Trade Area
Distributors and retailers may contact Gammazon directly. Call 613.327.0707 or contact our sales office:
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