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The Face of Battle
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Commonwealth Expansion Pack
The Face of Battle Series
Author: Michael E. Ball
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Product Code: 9401
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Paperback; Binding: lose, 3 and 5 hole punched; April 2002; Pages 132; Weight: 440 grams
ISBN: 0-9734018-1-8

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Awards and Reviews
Nominated for 2002 Origins Award
Best Historical Miniatures Rules
Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Designs

About This Book
VC is the first The Face of Battle expansion pack. This Commonwealth Expansion Pack includes new rules for British, Canadian, New Zealand, Australian and other Allied Commonwealth nations. The pack includes 12 detailed scenarios and 3 mini-campaign games covering Normandy, Dieppe and Crete. All Commonwealth vehicles from every theatre of operation are listed. The expansion includes chapter G Mini-Campaign rules, chapter V Commonwealth, 12 scenarios, 3 mini-campaigns, new smoke templates, new cards, weapon and ordnance data, over 170 Commonwealth vehicles, equipment lists, TO&E, and much more.

Period: WW2, all theatres, 1939 - 1945
Scope: skirmish, squad level
Figure Scale: 15mm to 28mm, 1 to 1 scale, individually based figures
Ground Scale: 1" = 2 metres

  • Chapter G Mini-Campaigns
  • Chapter V Commonwealth Nations
  • 12 scenarios
  • 3 mini-campaigns (Normandy, Dieppe, Crete)
  • 170 vehicle descriptions
  • Commonwealth equipment lists
  • Commonwealth TO&E
  • new sniper cards
  • new event cards
  • 6" smoke templates
  • 3 hole punched for North America Binder
  • 5 hole punched for A4 Binder
  • and more...

Scenarios Covered in this Expansion
Half Success

The Canadian army attempts to break out from the Normandy beach. The 12th SS Panzer Division and the 25th Panzer Grenadiers and are determined to throw them back into the sea.

Bloody Tilly

For days, elements of the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division, supported by tanks of 4th Canadian Armoured Division, attempted to take the French village of Tilly-la-Campagne. The battle for Tilly became one of the most intense fire-fights in the area. As one Canadian soldier stated, “After Tilly, Hell would be a Holiday camp.”

The Night March

Previous attempts to breakthrough to Falaise proved it was tactical problem of extraordinary difficulty. In a daring night attack, British and Canadian forces do the impossible as they smash the German defenders.

Counterpunch at Saint-Aignon

After a successful break out on August 8th, 1944, the Northhamptonshire Yeomanry had met their objective of Saint-Aignan. The tanks and supporting infantry were now 3 miles behind enemy lines. German tank ace Kurt “Panzer” Meyer was ordered to counter-attack the British position.

Battle of Lingévres

The battle for the French village of Lingévres was deadly. At 1130 hrs a detachment of Panthers from the 1st Battalion of the 6th Panzer Regiment counter-attacked. Tank Sergeant N Harris, commanding a Firefly, lead a force of Shermans into the village to confront the Panthers. An exciting tank on tank scenario.

Yellow II Beach

In support of the main assault on the Dieppe beach, the mission of No 3 Commando was to land on Yellow I and Yellow II beach at Berneval and destroy the Goebbels Coastal Battery 2/770. After travelling through a small wood to the west of the village, Major Young was hoping to rendezvous with Commandos from Yellow I. When the other forces failed to arrive, Major Young decided to assault the battery.

Smash and Grab

The mission of No 4 Commando was to land on Orange I at Varengeville and Orange II beach at Ste. Marguerite and destroy the Hess Coastal Battery. It was up to Lord Lovat’s team to destroy the guns. Captain Porteous, commander of F Troop, had the difficult task of assaulting the gun emplacements.

Come on Over

The South Saskatchewan Regiment’s mission during Dieppe was to seize the port of Pourville at Green Beach. The LTC dropped the men off on the wring side of the river. The only hope was to link up over a heavily defended bridge. Within minutes the bridge was carpeted with dead and wounded soldiers. When Regimental Commander Colonel Charles Merritt heard the advance had stopped at the bridge, he went to access the situation himself.

The Heights Beyond

The situation was grim at Blue Beach. The Royal Regiment of Canada was pinned down and suffering heavy casualties. Drastic action had to be taken. A small group of Royals, led by Lt. Col. Catto, managed to scale a small cliff and enter the western end of the village. Realizing they would never make the beach, they decided to pin down the German attackers while the Royals escaped in their LCM.

Gamble at the Casino

On Red and White beaches at Dieppe, the remnants of two assaulting battalions were fighting for their lives. Captain Denis Whitaker was determined to get his men off the beach before the enemy annihilated them. The only hope was to attack the Casino in force.

Operation Merkur

German Fallschirmjägers invade the island of Crete in May 1941. Can the New Zealanders defend the airfield at Maleme?

If You Must, You Must

On the morning of May 20th the main concentration of German Paratroopers landed to the west of the Tavronitis River. By early afternoon C and D Companies of 22 Battalion had lost contact with the Battalion headquarters. The New Zealanders prepared a counter-attack using tanks and what little resources they could gather.

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