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Battle Counters
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The Face of Battle
Battle Counters
Generic Counters for Miniatures Gaming
Author: Michael E. Ball
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2-sided; full colour; 48pt cardstock; die cut counters; April 2005; Weight: 100 grams

About This Product
This is the first gaming aid for The Face of Battle. Each counter sheet contains 240 1/2" x 1/2" doubled-sided full colour counters. All counters from the WWII and Modern version of the rules are represented. New counters have been added for helicopters, ATGM's, motion and more.
Battle Counters may also be used for many other miniatures games. The counters are generic and suitable for historical games from many periods as well as horror, science-fiction, pulp, and fantasy. The standard counters for morale (shaken, pinned, broken), stance (prone, kneeling), fatigue, movement, spotting and more will compliment any gaming genre.

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