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The Face of Battle
The Face of Modern Battle
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Act With Daring, The Invasion of France
WWII Skirmish Scenario Book
The Face of Battle
Act With Daring covers the fierce battles and eventual collapse of the French Ninth Army during the opening days of the Blitzkrieg. The battles of France 1940 were an excellent mix of troops, nationalities, vehicles and equipment. From the intrepid horsed Spahi, to the massive B1 Bis tank, German and Belgium Engineers, regular to elite French forces. This all combines for fun and exciting skirmish miniatures play. More info

Battle Counters
Generic Miniatures Counters
Each counter sheet contains 240 1/2" x 1/2" doubled-sided full colour counters. All counters from the WWII and Modern version of the rules are represented. New counters have been added for helicopters, ATGM's, motion and more.
Battle Counters can be used in many miniatures games!

Battle Counters
Battle Counters - 3 Pack

Battle Counters - 3 Pack
Generic Miniatures Counters
Buy the 3 pack and save a $1.00 of each sheet and receive free shipping!

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