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Frequently Asked Questions
  What is On Demand Publishing?
    On Demand Publishing (ODP) is the future of book publishing. ODP is also called Print on Demand. With advances in computers and high-speed, digital printers, publishers can print complete books in a matter of minutes based on sales, stock levels, etc. Therefore the print runs are small and stock levels are kept at a manageable amount.
  Isn't that expensive?
    Yes, and no. Producing books this way is a little more expensive than a traditional print run. Traditional print runs are usually in the 10's of thousands of books which means a high up-front cost and the over-head of large stock levels. ODP allows us to print 1, 10, 100 or 1000 books keeping our stock levels manageable.
  So I get a real book?
    Yes. These are real books. The binding may be different for each book: perfect, saddle-stitch or punched for a binder. The binding type depends on the book.
  Hey, this sounds cool!
    Yeah, we think so too. With the small print runs and digital printing, we can even change the contents of a book between print runs with minimal effort. This means no waiting years for 2nd or 3rd editions or for updated 1st editions. ODP also allows us to retain less popular products in print since we do not have to make large print runs.
  So, is there actual books waiting to be shipped?
    Yes. We always have a sufficient supply of books on hand ready to ship. Even if we run out of books, with ODP we can re-supply within days.
Ordering and Shipping
  Where do I order a copy of a book?
    You can order directly from Gammazon Publishing. The books are also distributed world-wide. Look for a book or game in your local store or favourite online eTailer.
  How do I place an order with Gammazon Publishing?
    You use this order form Gammazon Order Form or order online at our Shopping Centre: shopping cart
  How long does shipping take?
    Air mail in usually 1-2 weeks in North America and 3-4 weeks to the rest of the world. Surface is 2-3 weeks in North America and 4-6 weeks to the rest of the world.
  Who is your shipper?
    Gammazon uses Canada Post.
  What are the shipping costs?
    Go to shipping rates for more information.
  What is your return policy?
    Go to returns for more information.
Payment Information
  What forms of payment do you accept?
    We currently accept Visa, American Express and Mastercard. Orders may also be placed with the Gammazon Order Form and enclose an international postal money orders from countries other than Canada in United States dollars. Canadian residences may send a money order or cheque in Canadian Dollars.
General Questions
  How do I contact Gammazon Publishing?
    Go to the contact us page.
  Can I offer the books or rules for sales or free on my website?
    No, unless you are an autherised retailer or wholesaler
  Can I submit book ideas, art, rules and scenarios?
    Yes. Please ask for permission prior to submitting any work. Give a brief outline as to what you are submitting. We cannot guarantee anything will be published (on-line or in book form). Free house rules and scenarios are your best chance to have you work published on this web site. Authors are not compensated for items offered for free download. Please see our submissions page for more information.
  Can I place house rules and home-made scenarios on my web site?
    Assuming you mean rules that you have written, yes, you can, but please provide a link to the Gammazon Publishing web page. If you did not write the house rule or scenario, please contact the author of those works for permission to display them on your website. If you want us to consider including your items on the Gammazon web site, send an e-mail: Authors will be fully credited.
  I wish to run a Gammazon game at a convention, can you help?
    Yes. Let us know all the convention details (name, date, time, location, size, style, genre). We may be able to help in the following ways; we might attend in person to run events, assist in refereeing or give lectures or we can also sponsor a game or convention with prizes, etc. Send an e-mail to us regarding any convention details:
Still Need Help?
  Any more questions...
    Send us an e-mail:

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